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Skunk2 B Series Cam Gears
Skunk2 Pro series B series cam gears  ..
AUD $450
Skunk2 B Series Lost Motion Assembly
Skunk2 is proud to introduce its Lost Motion Assembly Kits for Honda’s B-series VTEC engines. Skun..
AUD $185
Skunk2 B-Series / H-Series Cam Seal
Skunk2’s Fine Tuning products and accessories, like its Cam Seal for Honda's B-series, H-series, a..
AUD $60
Skunk2 Pro Series Pro 1+ Camshafts
Required: Pro Series Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers, Lost Motion Assembly. Recommended: High-..
AUD $1,000
Skunk2 Pro Series Titanium Retainers - B/H Series
Skunk2’s industry-leading Titanium Retainers for Honda’s B-series and H-series VTEC engines are de..
AUD $350
Skunk2 Pro Series XP Valve Spring Set (Dual Springs) B Series
Seat Pressure: 93 lbs at 1.320” Open Pressure: 238 lbs at 0.820” Coil Bind: 0.718” &..
AUD $500