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B Series rear main seal ..
AUD $55
Conbear EK Front Wheel Bearing - EK Civic 96-00 (One Only) ..
AUD $110
DC5 K20A counter Shaft second gear ..
AUD $185
DC5 K20A main shaft
DC5 K20A main shaft ..
AUD $345
Honda B Series Gear Synchro Set
Factory genuine Type R gear synchro set B16A B18C ..
AUD $315
Honda K Series Gear Synchro Set
Factory genuine Type R gear synchro set K20A 6 speed gear box ..
AUD $315
Get the power to the ground with a JDMYARD Close Ratio Gearset. ..
AUD $3,500 AUD $2,950
K Series clutch bolt..
AUD $9
K Series Diff bolt
K Series Diff bolt..
AUD $6
K Series manual flywheel bolt..
AUD $8
PPG B Series 1-4th S/C Drag Dog Gear Set
This product is proven in competition in the USA at an elite level by the likes of Tony Palo. Capa..
AUD $8,883
PPG K Series 1st and 2nd Straight Cut Synchro Set
This direct fitment gearset is perfect for street racers wanting increased strength and closer rat..
AUD $3,146
PPG K Series 1st to 4th Straight Cut Dog / Drag set
Designed to service top level Sport Compact racers in the USA, this set has swiftly proven its rel..
AUD $6,006
PPG K Series 3rd and 4th Straight Cut Synchro Set
A 3rd and 4th Synchro option to complement the 1-2 synchro set or to be used stand alone if n..
AUD $2,866
PPG K Series 5 Speed Straight Cut Dog Set
Used for mainly high-end circuit and street applications, the K-series 5speed gearset is one of P..
AUD $8,000
PPG K-Series 1-4th Drag 5th Case Brace
Used in our 1st-4th Drag Gear Set  for the Honda K-Series to replace the 5th gear to add extr..
AUD $897
Spoon K Series Final Drive - 5.1
Spoon Sports final drive ratio gives and overall reduction in all gearing. This allows for improv..
AUD $770