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Motul RBF660 is 100% synthetic. Designed for use in all types of braking systems where DOT 3, 4 or 5.1 is required and for use in all vehicles operating under heavy braking loads such as motorsport, motocross, towing, off-roading (Enduro/4WD/etc.).

Both RBF600 and RBF660 are regarded as the most reliable and most popular performance brake fluids available. Used and trusted by professional race teams, racers and serious enthusiasts in the most extreme braking conditions. All drivers & riders, from amateur to professional, appreciate the consistent brake feel and enjoy the confidence in braking performance no matter the conditions. If Motul RBF660 is unable to cope with braking conditions you are exposing it to, then it's time to upgrade the braking system. (All Motul brake fluids are 100% synthetic and cross compatible.)

For the best performance of your braking system, whether racing, towing or any other situation of high load braking, ensure the best quality brake pads are in use and sufficient air flow is getting to the brake rotors. Poor quality pads and/or poor air flow can dramatically affect your braking performance no matter how good the brake fluid is. Seek professional advice or consult Motul.

NOTE: RBF600, RBF660 fluid bases are compatible with DOT 3, DOT 4 & DOT 5.1 fluid bases. Ensure the braking system is completely flushed of old or lower spec fluid before using new or higher spec fluid.
DO NOT USE DOT5.0, this is a silicone based fluid for USA makes such as Harley and Humvee.

Dry boiling point: 325° C
Wet boiling point: 205° C

See technical data sheets for more information