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Skunk2 Low-Profile Valve Cover Hardware - K Series - Red / 649-05-0123


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Skunk2 is proud to introduce the most unique, low-profile dress-up hardware you’ve ever seen! An original design, Skunk2 Low Profile Valve Cover Hardware kits are the only ones designed specifically for the K20 and K24 valve covers.


Low Profile Valve Cover Hardware kits are a comprehensive design, featuring specially engineered “standoffs” that include provisions for Skunk2 unique, low-profile washers and flush-mounted, stainless steel hardware. Each kit includes 10 low-profile billet aluminum washers and 10 flush-mounted, stainless steel bolts. All kits are compatible with OEM valve covers as well as OEM and most aftermarket spark plug wire covers. Each OEM-grade standoff replaces the factory mounting studs and is secured to factory specifications. No other valve cover kit available does this. A series of Viton O-rings and the appropriate standoff extensions are included with each kit to ensure a leak-free seal and OEM fit and finish.


Skunk2 offers the most low-profile washers and bolts around, measuring more than 75% thinner than the factory washer and nut combination. Skunk2 Low Profile Valve Cover Hardware kits are manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum and are available for All K Series engines in black, blue, gold, purple, red, and clear hard-anodized finishes, and feature Skunk2 classic, laser-etched logo.



Specially Engineered Stand-Offs
Low-Profile Billet Aluminum Washers
Anodized for Good Looks and Corrosion Resistance
Laser Engraved Logo
Viton O-Rings for a Leak-Free Seal
Flush-Mounted Stainless Steel Bolts