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AEM V2 Water/Methanol Multi Input Controller Kit / 30-3305


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AEM offers components to upgrade your existing water/methanol injection (WMI) system including inline water/methanol fluid filters, WMI flow gauges, the Water/Methanol Failsafe Device gauge, and water/methanol system nozzle and jet kits.

If part of your existing AEM Water/Methanol Injection system has become damaged, we offer all of the component parts individually, including our 200 PSI water/methanol injection pump, a WMI check valve kit, water/methanol injection tubing, 1.15- and five-gallon water/methanol fluid tanks and our conductive low fluid level sensor.

PN 30-3305 Multi Input Water/Methanol Injection Controller- 0-5v/MAF Frequency or Voltage/Duty Cycle/Ext MAP for high boost gas or Diesel, or high compression NA engines