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MOTUL 6100 SYNERGIE 15W50 60L / MO610015W50060


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Motul 6100 Synergie 15W50 is Technosynthese® synthetic oil. A very high quality semi-synthetic by European standards, designed to be used in either spark or compression ignition engines regardless of fuel type or quality including, but not limited to, unleaded & leaded race fuels, bio-diesel and ethanol (E85 / E100).

Appreciated by owners of European, Australian, American, Japanese or Korean cars older than 2010 for the consistent oil pressure, improved engine cleanliness, foam suppression, low evaporation and smooth power delivery.

The best affordable engine oil for engines with high fuel dilution rates (running on ethanol) that have frequent drain intervals. Also ideal oil for engines with aggressive cam profiles (Lift, duration, ramp) and/or high valve spring pressure requiring more than 1100ppm of Zinc.

NOTE: Do not use Zinc additives. More than approximately 1200ppm of Zinc is ineffective, negatively impacting other wear protection additives and is considered Zinc saturation or Zinc dosing. If cam wear occurs, investigate mechanical or oil flow issues.

High quality engine oil flush additives are encouraged, however do not use leave-in additives ('performance improvers') with any Motul engine oil products.

Use 8100 X-max 0W40 for greatly improved power, response and flow.

Use 8100 X-power 10W60 if higher oil pressure is required.

Use Motul 300V for the ultimate in performance and protection.

Standards & Approvals: ACEA A3/B4, API SL/CF, VW 501.01/505.00, MB Approval 229.1

See technical data sheet for more information.