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MOTUL 8100 ECO-CLEAN+ 5W30 5L / MO8100ECP5W30005


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Motul 8100 Eco-clean Plus 5W30 is 100% synthetic oil. Designed to be used in all Euro 4/5/6 based petrol or diesel engines with or without exhaust filters (DPF or TWC) requiring ACEA C1 or any of the standards below. Most commonly required for Euro Ford/Jaguar based engines found in most Ford, Jaguar, Mazda, Land Rover/Range Rover and similar makes and models.

Appreciated by many drivers for the smooth idle, sharp engine response, low fuel consumption, consistent oil pressure and low evaporation rate.

High quality engine oil flush additives are encouraged, however do not use leave-in additives ('performance improvers') with any Motul engine oil products.

Modern engines with low-tensile piston rings are subject to potential oil loss. Use 8100 X-clean 5W40 if excessive oil loss is occurring. OE Warranty is still maintained when using 8100 X-clean 5W40.

For heavy duty applications such as towing or off-road driving, use either 8100 X-clean Plus 5W30 or 8100 X-clean 5W40 for improved engine protection and even lower oil consumption or loss.

Use Motul 300V for the ultimate in performance and protection.

Standards & Approvals: ACEA C1, JASO DL-1, FORD WSS-M2C934-B, JAGUAR STJLR.03.5005

See technical data sheet for more information.