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MOTUL H-TECH 100 PLUS 0W20 (GF-5) 200L / MOHT100PLUS0W20200


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Motul H-Tech 100 Plus 0W20 is 100% synthetic oil. Developed for general servicing requirements in modern petrol engines up to EURO 6.
Used and trusted mostly by Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Nissan and Hyundai/Kia owners who appreciate the sharp engine response, reliable power delivery, consistent fuel economy and robust film strength.

For modern engines fitted with low-tensile piston rings potentially causing oil loss, use H-tech 100 Plus 5W30 or H-tech Prime 5W40. OE Warranty is still maintained when using either.

For heavy duty applications such as towing or off-road driving, use 8100 X-cess 5W40.

Use 8100 X-max 0W40 for greater engine protection while maintaining the sharp response in low to mid range.

For highly tuned engines and motorsport, use Motul 300V for the ultimate in performance and protection.

High quality engine oil flush additives are encouraged, however do not use leave-in additives ('performance improvers') with any Motul engine oil products.

Standards & Approvals: API SN, ILSAC GF-5

See technical data sheets for more information.