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Exedy Sports Ceramic Clutch Kit For Honda B16, B18, B20 / HCK-7111SC

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Stage 2 in the Single Sports Series comprises an EXEDY sports cover assembly and either a Race Ceramic (RC) or a Sports Ceramic (SC) Disc. The sports cover assembly boasts higher clamp loads, spheroidal graphite pressure plate castings and additional drive straps are utilized to prevent pressure plate casting failure at high RPM. The Race Ceramic disc features a unique metal button configuration designed specifically for circuit racing applications. The disc also features a thinner design profile resulting in lower inertia and therefore reduced shift effort. The Race Ceramic disc is made from lightweight components helping to reduce wear and tear on the transmission synchromesh. The Sports Ceramic disc possesses many of the Race Ceramic disc features and has been specifically developed for use by professional drift, circuit, rally and drag racers.

IMPORTANT: With any ceramic button clutch system, there will be some compromise of start-up driveability when compared to a standard clutch (chatter on light throttle, low RPM start-up) in addition to an increase in cabin/transmission noise. This characteristic is generally deemed acceptable in modified performance cars. Drivers of vehicles fitted with cerametallic clutches on the street should be warned not to ride the clutch or try to reduce the chatter as this will greatly increase the wear rate. The above information should be used as a guide only, please consult your Exedy distributor if further advice is required.

Product Note
220mm Honda Sport Ceramic