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K-Tuned Delrin Textured Shift Knob (Black) / KTD-TDR-KNB


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Applications: All Honda / Honda models and any shifter with a M10 x 1.5 thread.

K-Tuned Delrin Shift Knobs feature a tear drop shaped design that feels very comfortable and natural in any drivers hand. The final shape and texture did take some time to get perfect because delrin is a stable and stiff material with a normally low co-efficient of friction. This meant that adding the proper texture to the finished surface was very important in order to increase grip. Our knobs are made on a CNC lathe with a 2 piece alumimum shaft that passes though the entire length to increase overall strength. Available in your choice of black or white with our signature “K” logo engraved in the aluminum on the top. A custom made jam nut is included to keep the knob locked in place. These are a great option to finish off any shifter setup.
K Tuned