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K-Tuned K20Z3 Trans Conversion Kit (w/ shifter cable bkt) / KTD-SPL-ACC


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K-Tuned has developed the Shifter Mounting Plate kit to use with the 06+ Civic SI (K20Z3) transmission in a swap application. In the past, this trans has been a bit of a pain to use because the shift selector and bracket work opposite from the original DC5 Type –S design. 
The original fix for this was to change all the shifting related parts including the expensive selector over to the older style. However , the problem is that finding these parts used is pretty rare and buying them new is very expensive. The K-Tuned conversion kit greatly simplifies this transmission swap. 
Now you can keep the Civic SI shift selector and use it with the 03-07 OEM Honda Accord shifter box and shifter cables. These are very inexpensive and can be purchased from your local Honda dealer. 

The kit comes with a shifter mounting plate to mount the Accord shifter box in any EG, DC2 or EK chassis and a custom shifter cable bracket designed for the Accord cables. The result is a swap shifter setup that works perfectly and has better feel and accuracy over the older DC5 Type-S design. Compared to the regular shifter adapter kit with an DC5 Type-S box, this application gives you over a quarter of an inch of extra clearance in the tunnel. Very valuable real estate when you are trying to squeeze a 3" exhaust in there. 

Purchasing your shifter box and cables will be around $150, and you can get them direct and brand new from Honda. Why mess around with old parts that have play in them?  

The Accord box is a 5 speed box, but this is the same box used in the 6 speed Accord and the connection to the transmission is what determines if the it will function as a 5 speed or 6 speed.

Accord Shifter Box : 54100-SDA-A01 
Accord Shifter Cable set : 54310-SDA-L02

K Tuned