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MOTUL HD 80W90 20L / MOHD80W90020


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Motul HD-X 80W90 is Technosynthese® oil. A premium semi-synthetic gear oil by European standards designed to provide superior protection in heavily loaded transmissions and differentials.

Popular for having unbreakable film strength, foam suppression, reduced gear noise and it maintains its performance even under extreme temps.

Caution: Motul HD-X 80W90 is designed for general service medium to heavy duty use and is not suitable for high performance applications.

Use GearFF LSD 75W90 for all Front/All Wheel Drive high performance applications.

For all Rear Wheel Drive performance applications, use Gear300 75W90 or Gear300 LS 75W90.

For all IFS, IRS, Live axle differentials, use Gear300 75W90 or Gear300 LS 75W90 for high performance. Use Gear Competition 75W140 for extreme performance.

Standards & Approvals: API GL5

The API standards for gear oils (GLx) relate to an oils ability to resist extreme pressure/shear load and do not relate to compatibility with soft metals and materials used in and on synchroniser rings.

See technical data sheets for more information.