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Optima Yellow Top D31T Automotive Dry Cell Battery / D31T


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Battery Model D31T

Model Type USA 86

Volts 12

CCA 900

Ah C10 75

RC @25min 155

Terminal Layout Centre stud

L (mm) 329

W (mm) 171

H (mm) 238

Weight (Kg) 27.3

Deep-Cycle Racing Batteries provide more powerful, reliable starting than any conventional battery. Their unique Spiralcell design rolls the six cells into a cylinder which keeps the plates covered with acid at all times, creating a battery that endures the roughest vibration and most intense applications... ideal for hard-core racing, off-roading, and off-shore marine. These batteries require zero maintenance, are 100% sealed (out-gassed chemicals are reabsorbed) and install in any position.