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Skunk2 Pro Camber Kit - Rear - '01-'05 Civic, '02-'06 DC5 / 516-05-0510


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Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit for the '01-'05 Civic and '02-'06 DC5 is based off of the same adjustable camber kit technology the company been using on its own race cars for more than a decade.


Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit is a must-have for enthusiasts looking to fine-tune their suspension or correct negative camber introduced from lowered ride heights. With the ability to adjust both positive and negative camber, enthusiasts can reduce abnormal tire wear and significantly improve handling and overall stability. Each Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit is constructed of forged alloy steel, plated for exceptional corrosion resistance, and aircraft quality, 7075 aluminum. Each kit includes Skunk2 industry-leading, low-deflection polyurethane bushings that act as bearings to allow for smooth pivoting without the harsh side effects of spherical bearings.